Finite Elemente PAGODE 750MR

Master Reference MKII – Usable Area 665 x 465mm



P01 – Natural Maple
P02 – Walnut
P03 – Makassar
P04 – Palisander
P05 – Cherry
P06 – Pearl White
P07 – Pearl Black


HD05MR – 45cm high – 2 levels ($13,390 )
HD06MR – 45cm high – 3 levels ($16,990 )

HD05MR – 60cm high – 2 levels ($13,960 )
HD06MR – 60cm high – 3 levels ($17,550 )

HD05MR – 70cm high – 2 levels ($14,590 )
HD06MR – 70cm high – 3 levels ($18,190 )

HD07MR – 85cm high – 4 levels ($21,900 )
HD08MR – 85cm high – 5 levels ($25,490 )

HD07/110 MR – 110cm high – 4 levels ($23,790 )
HD08/110 MR – 110cm high – 5 levels ($27,380 )

SR750 MR –  additional level ($3590 )


45-4P High Polished Side Pillars 45cm ($1200 )
60-4P High Polished Side Pillars 60cm ($1440 )                                                          70-4P High Polished Side Pillars 70cm ($1680 )
85-4P High Polished Side Pillars 85cm ($1920 )
110-4P High Polished Side Pillars 110cm ($2460 )


45-4W Wood Decor Side Pillars 45cm ($1680)                                                              60-4W Wood Decor Side Pillars 60cm ($1800)                                                              70-4W Wood Decor Side Pillars 70cm ($1920)
85-4W Wood Decor Side Pillars 85cm ($2000 )
110-4W Wood Decor Side Pillars 110cm ($2400 )


As option – to be added to the standard rack price

HD600MR Heavy Duty ($3180 )

HD750MR Heavy Duty ($3960 )

HD1120MR Heavy Duty ($5700 )


Cerabase Classic /4Set ($1440 )

The pagode Master Reference MKII stands out with its well thought-out design based on solid wooden frames in canadian maple, highly damped absorber shelves and the tried-and-tested pagode sidespike technology. A new dimension in music reproduction can however be truly experienced thanks to the revolutionary Resonator Technology, exclusively applied in the audio furniture sector by finite elemente and developed in co-operation with Prof. Dr. Borchert of the University of Applied Sciences in Dortmund. Precision in detail, transparency in the dynamics and an incomparable vivid musicality are the impressive results of this consistent research.

Pagode MKII features
– Honeycomb core ultra-lightweight shelves for significantly optimized resonance absorption.
– Ceramic ball coupling of honeycomb core shelves by means of ball point setscrews
– Tried-and-tested Resonator Technology in all racks and amplifier platforms
– CARBOFIBRE° isolation shelves with ceramic ball coupling optionally available for all PAGODE EDITION MK II and MASTER REFERENCE MK II racks and amplifier platforms
– CARBOFIBRE° isolation shelves retrofitable to earlier PAGODE° MK I racks and amplifier platforms.


Fine tune your music, advanced technologies and first class products for an efficient sound enhancement

In the development of all new products, finite elemente puts science at the forefront, paired with a distinct passion for music.

Be it the cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences Dortmund in the adaptation of the Resonator technology for our pagode° HiFi rack systems or the cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute in Darmstadt on the subject of “active vibration reduction”, it is always the desire for a proven and well-founded basis for our products that drives us to top performance.

With the principle “Technology – Made in Germany” our products enjoy an excellent reputation worldwide.

Location: Sydney NSW