Finite Elemente Carbofibre Rack Shelf CF600

As option for Pagode Rack Cabofibre 600 – 515x465x18mm

$ 2,380

CARBOFIBRE° rack shelf (retrofitable for PAGODE°)

As option for new Pagode (+ $1000 )

• Single-layer retrofitting version for PAGODE° 600/750/1120 series
• Single honeycomb core w/ carbon fibre layers all-round
w/ height-adjustable ceramic ball coupling
• Thickness 18 mm


As retrofit for existing Pagode :

CF600 CARBOFIBRE° 600 – 515 x 465 x 18 mm ($2380 )



Single-layer version in 23 mm thickness for light to middle-weight components (load capacity up to 50 kg).

The ultralight isolation bases made of carbon fiber-layered honeycomb cores provide a significantly improved sound quality through their controlled resonance damping and dissipation – more detail, more dynamics and ultimately more music. Our isolation bases offer the optimum combination of lightweight design and extreme torsional rigidity.

– Ultra-lightweight carbon fibre isolation bases with significantly optimized resonance absorption for improved sound quality
– Honeycomb core with carbon fibre layers all-round for an optimal combination of extreme torsional rigidity and resonance impairing lightweight design
– CARBOFIBRE single-layer version for light to middle-weight components and CARBOFIBRE° HD multi-layer version for light to heavy components
– Precision bubble for easy levelling of isolation base
– Height-adjustable stainless steel feet with M8 threaded setscrews supplied as standard
– CERABASE°, CERAPUC° or CERABALL° available as an option

Fine tune your music, advanced technologies and first class products for an efficient sound enhancement

In the development of all new products, finite elemente puts science at the forefront, paired with a distinct passion for music.

Be it the cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences Dortmund in the adaptation of the Resonator technology for our pagode° HiFi rack systems or the cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute in Darmstadt on the subject of “active vibration reduction”, it is always the desire for a proven and well-founded basis for our products that drives us to top performance.

With the principle “Technology – Made in Germany” our products enjoy an excellent reputation worldwide.

Location: Sydney NSW